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Oswego Computer Solutions ensures the premium performance of your computer network in Oswego, IL. As local computer technicians, we specialize in consulting and computer repair for both small businesses and homeowners in Oswego.

Remove any doubt about your network – entrust it to community experts who take pride in being partners to your success.

Multi-Skilled Computer Tech for Oswego, IL

As your Oswego computer techs, we become a valuable extension of your small business. With Oswego Computer Solutions, you don’t need to hire in-house or full-time employees to manage your IT. We maintain it for you so you can run your business efficiently. Benefit from our extensive IT experience at competitive rates for Oswego.

We offer Oswego years of experience working with businesses ranging from small companies to Fortune 500 corporations. Depend on us to help make the most of your IT budget and resources. Our computer consulting offers you expert advice in important areas such as establishing maintenance plans & PC-replacement cycles and developing user policies.

Our facility comprises 1,500 sq. ft. of IT work space, resources and equipment including advanced diagnostic tools. Call (630) 554-7600 today to discuss how we can serve as your computer technicians for Oswego, IL.

Networking Oswego, IL

Oswego Computer Solutions provides on-site networking for Oswego, IL. Just a few of our networking services include low-voltage wiring; terminating & testing; troubleshooting networking issues; and installing, configuring & troubleshooting network switches, routers, gateways & firewalls. We can maintain and repair your network remotely as well.

Our networking for Oswego, IL also includes setting up wireless networks and running cables to both computer networks and phone systems.

Call (630) 554-7600 today for more information about our networking for Oswego, IL.

Computer Repair Oswego, IL

Oswego Computer Solutions offers swift, proficient and affordable computer repair for Oswego, IL. We assist small businesses with PC & laptop diagnosis, cleaning and repair; virus & spyware removal; non-invasive data recovery; and hard-drive & power-supply replacement. We can recommend the right updates when needed as well.

Our computer repair for Oswego, IL also includes a thorough analysis of your system for any other issues that might affect its performance.

All work is completed on-site at our shop – we do not outsource any computer repair for Oswego, IL.

Give your business the benefit of quick, comprehensive and customized computer repair with even greater capabilities than many larger resources. Contact us at (630) 554-7600 to learn more about our computer repair for Oswego.

Computer Tech for Oswego, IL: Server Installation

Oswego Computer Solutions provides expert server installation for small business as well. We can specify the proper hardware and assist with the purchase; initialize, configure & install the server, including remote access; transfer settings & data (where applicable); and ensure that your computers are saving their data to the server.

If you have an IT issue or question, we’re ready to solve and answer. Contact us at (630) 554-7600 to discover more about our networking, computer repair and server installation as computer technicians for Oswego, IL.